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Investing knowledge quizzes

Knowledge is power, that’s why we’ve carefully designed these quizzes to help boost your financial knowledge and empower you to make informed and confident decisions. Scroll down, get started, and see how you do!

Investing basics

The best financial decisions are informed ones. This Investing basics quiz is designed to help you consider everything from investment fees and financial goal planning through to assessing your risk tolerance and the legitimacy of any investment offer.

Check your risk tolerance

It’s important to understand what your risk tolerance is before investing so you can make suitable and educated investment decisions. Take this quiz to learn about your risk tolerance level.

Interested in seeing your results? (PDF)

Are you an informed investor?

Do you think you know the right steps to take to protect your financial future? Take our quiz and find out if you know how to check, protect and then invest.

Can you spot the investment fraud?

Investing your hard-earned money is serious business. No matter how great an opportunity sounds, or how well you know your investment adviser – it is always important to CHECK before you INVEST. Investment fraud can come in many different forms – and is not always so easy to see. Think that you could spot fraud?

Read the stories below and choose which one you think is fraudulent.

How safe is your nest egg?

Fraudsters target seniors because they often have built a nest egg for retirement, or have property or a pension. Seniors may be looking to maximize their investments to help them through retirement and leave money for their children or grandchildren. While anyone can be a victim of investment fraud, seniors have less time to recover from a financial loss.

Taking this quiz can help you determine if you are on the right track to protecting your financial future.

Don’t be fooled by fraud

Did you know that many fraudsters follow a series of steps, much lie a playbook? While the scam may look different on the surface, the plays are mostly the same. This quiz can help you to determine if you are able to recognize scams and know what to do to take action.