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Calculating your financial health is the first step in planning your financial future and achieving your goals. Whether you’re thinking about retirement, becoming debt-free or investing, the calculators below will help you understand where you are and what you need to do to build a financially successful future.

Financial planning calculators

Compound interest calculator

Compound interest is interest paid on interest. When talking about investment returns, it works to your benefit (on your credit card, not so much). Use the calculator below to determine how much your investment can grow over time by calculating compound interest.

Retirement savings calculator

When should you start saving for retirement? The sooner, the better.

TFSA savings calculator

Since a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a registered account that provides tax benefits, it’s a great way to save. In most cases, investment income isn’t taxed, even when withdrawn. Try the calculator below to estimate the future values of your TFSA.

Net worth calculator

Your net worth is more than just a number reflecting your overall financial health. It’s a way to assess your spending habits and determine opportunities for saving, investing, or debt repayment. Use the calculator below to determine your net worth and get a clear picture of your finances.

Know your budget

Having a clear and accurate sense of your income and spending is the foundation of financial success. Creating a budget is not only a great first step, it’s also a useful tool to determine opportunities for saving, investing, and for making adjustments to your lifestyle that can enhance your financial security.