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Spot the Spoof

Spot the Spoof

Test your fraud awareness by exploring First True Investments and see if you can spot all the red flags of fraud.

Before contacting any investment firm you find online, remember:

  1. Be suspicious of any unsolicited investment offers made online, on social media, or over the phone, especially if they require payment in Bitcoin or other digital assets. Remain cautious even if you initiated contact with the firm.
  2. Always check the registration of any firm you are interested in by visiting CheckFirst.ca. Securities law requires that all investment industry professionals and firms be registered.
  3. Take the time to contact the number listed on the firm’s registration. You can find this information by conducting a registration check at CheckFirst.ca. Avoid using the unverified number on the firm’s website as you may just be contacting the fraudster.
  4. Be mindful of the red flags of cloned/spoofed websites you learned today for firms found with internet searches and pop-up ads.

Additional fraud awareness resources on cloned and spoofed websites