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Spot the odd
Investment fraud awareness

Whether it’s someone ironing a shirt and chatting on the phone – all while underwater – or a herd of goats casually hanging out in a tree, you know odd when you see it. It’s easy. But can you spot fraud just as easily? Chances are, you can’t – and that’s where we come in.

When it comes to making wise investments there’s nothing more important than learning how to spot fraud by knowing the red flags of investment fraud.

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Spot the red flags of investment fraud

Everyone believes it will never happen to them until it does. And it’s easier than you might think for scam artists to con you out of your hard-earned money. However, even the most sophisticated and well-orchestrated investment scams usually present red flags – you just need to know what to look for and to stay alert to anything that doesn’t feel right.

Do you know all the common red flags of investment fraud?  Learn how to identify the red flags while investing.

Build your investment knowledge

Whether you are just starting out on your investment journey or researching more complex topics like what to ask when choosing an adviser, we’ve got a wealth of information designed to help you make informed investment decisions.

Knowledge is power. The best way to protect yourself against investment fraud is to educate yourself and build a strong foundation of investment literacy.

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Investment education video series

We’ve created a library of videos to help you invest wisely and spot the red flags of investment fraud.

Learn about investment basics from an award-winning expert, understand common investment scams, and listen to testimonials from individuals impacted by investment fraud.

About CheckFirst and the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC)

CheckFirst was created as part of the ASC’s mission to educate and empower investors to make safe and informed decisions about investments. The ASC aims to be a practical, intelligent, best-in-class regulator and strives to protect investors from improper, misleading or fraudulent practices. The Securities Act (Alberta) ensures that Alberta’s capital market works for participants and that investors have timely, accurate information on which to base their investment decisions. It also ensures that those who sell securities in Alberta are registered and that they conduct themselves according to applicable laws and professional standards.

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