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Public awareness campaigns are an important part of the Alberta Securities Commission’s ongoing efforts to educate Albertans about the basics of investing and how to protect themselves from investment fraud. Often tied to Fraud Prevention Month in March, these campaigns give us the opportunity to get out into the community to talk to Albertans, share resources and create awareness.


For Fraud Prevention Month in 2019, we created the Kajillionaire board game to educate Albertans about investment fraud.

The game takes players on a journey through the world of investment fraud – where no one wins. Throughout the game, players will learn about the red flags of investment fraud and different types of scams commonly presented to Albertans. This educational tool includes factors behind decision making, recreating scenarios that real victims of investment fraud have experienced.

Developed as an educational tool, Kajillionaire is not really for sale. One in four Albertans who think they may have fallen for fraud report losing between $5,000 and $25,000. To draw attention to this, we made the game ‘price’ $25,000. In reality, some people lose less. Some people lose much, much more – in terms of money, trust in others and optimism about the future. The impact is still devastating. Just like in Kajillionaire, when you enter the world of fraud – everyone loses. Kajillionaire can be played by Albertans at board game cafes throughout the province. (Calgary – The Hexagon Board Game Café; Edmonton – The Hexagon Board Game Café; Red Deer – Bower Ponds Board Game Café; Lethbridge – Round Table Board Gamerie)

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The ASC’s perfect scam

We marked Fraud Prevention Month 2017 with an impactful public awareness campaign. Watch and see how easy it can be to fall for a scam.

CheckFirst cafe

Starting in 2015 the ASC has hosted CheckFirst cafes at various events and venues, such as Home and Garden shows and coffee shop take-overs, as a means to connect directly with Albertans to educate them on how they can protect themselves from investment fraud while they enjoy a free cup of coffee.