Emerging trends

With the fast-paced and ever-growing nature of the financial industry, there are constantly new and exciting opportunities for investors. While you may be eager to get in on a new trend to capitalize on its apparent success and avoid missing out, you should always take the time to do your research, consider the risks and check registration. Below are four emerging trends and what to consider before investing.


The Internet has brought people together and unlocked the ability for individuals and companies to leverage online investors to raise money for everything from new products and business ventures to philanthropic efforts.


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been in the headlines, but there are a large number of new digital cryptocurrencies becoming increasingly accessible and exciting investors worldwide.

The cannabis industry

As the legislation around cannabis has changed, a new and quickly growing industry has taken shape, attracting potential investors to marijuana companies and their ancillary products and services.


Investors are increasingly turning to automated advisers that use the power of artificial intelligence and big data to provide tailored, digital investment experiences.