2. Protect

Protect your hard-earned money by being informed. Without taking the time to conduct the proper research, you may be exposed to an unsuitable investment or fraud that could be financially crippling.

Becoming an informed investor is easy.

Becoming an informed investor is the best way to protect your money and your financial future. Knowledge is power and you can find a lot of information to educate yourself about investing on our website – including how to avoid frauds and scams.

Questions you should consider include:

  • How do I check out an investment?
  • How much should I invest to achieve my goals?
  • Is this investment too good to be true?
  • Whose advice should I take about investing?

Think you’re ready to invest? Take our Spot The Fraud Quiz.

Spot the Fraud

Case Study

Bill was approached by an acquaintance with an investment opportunity that he knew was risky, but promised a good return. Before making a decision to invest, Bill met with a company representative who seemed knowledgeable and was able to answer his questions. After Bill invested, he was receiving regular statements and returns on his investment. Then, the cheques stopped and the excuses started. Bill thought he had just made a bad investment, but he was wrong. Watch Bill’s testimonial to find out what happened to his investment.