Check Before You Invest

Investing your hard-earned money is serious business. No matter how great an opportunity sounds, or how well you know your investment adviser – it is always important to CHECK before you INVEST. Investment fraud can come in many different forms – and is not always so easy to see. Think that you could spot fraud? Read the stories below and choose which one you think is fraudulent.


Mary is a retired widow and her financial consultant recommended selling a portion of her portfolio and investing the funds into “good companies” that would provide her with an appealing return to ease her retirement years.



Kevin, a municipal employee, learned that a friend had joined an investment club and his investments seemed to be doing well. Kevin attended one of the club’s investment seminars with his friend. He learned a lot, was offered a club membership and an exclusive investment opportunity. This opportunity and the promised returns on investment were appealing.



Kate is an office manager. A colleague highly recommended his financial adviser, Daniel. Kate recognized Daniel from his ads on local radio stations and in local newspapers. Daniel told her he could make her investments grow and achieve her dream of “financial freedom at 45.”